Great Cornard group gets hi-vis makeover

A STREETWATCH group will be a real presence in their village after receiving a set of high visibility jackets.

Great Cornard Streetwatch was able to buy 12 of the fluorescent yellow winter coats, which will be used by the group’s 10 members as they patrol the village, reporting crimes and anti-social behaviour.

Group chairman Terry Moore said: “We have got to know quite a lot of the teenagers and young people in Great Cornard and we have a good rapport with them.

“When I drop my grandchildren off at school, their friends all shout ‘Streetwatch’, which is great.

“When we first started, we were only issued with our tabards, so one of our members’ husband, Neville Proctor, kindly donated £100 for the jackets.”

The remaining £400 was allocated by Suffolk County Councillor Peter Beer from his locality budget.

Mr Beer said: “Anything that helps to support the police and make Great Cornard a safer place must be a good thing.”