Good things come to those who wait

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As we are now into November the annual race to be first up with the Christmas decorations has well and truly begun.

For me this is a tradition that I could do without.

Is it not enough that shops start pushing festive gifts before summer is barely over and the television is crammed with advertisements for the perfect present for loved ones or a home accessory just in time for the big day.

I don’t know about you but I can’t see the fascination in getting a new sofa for Christmas. Surely it will just be covered in turkey sandwich crumbs and chocolate mints by Boxing Day anyway.

Sudbury market had a stall selling Christmas cards months ago and lights, sleighs and trees are already going up in other villages in the area.

There is nothing wrong with being organised, but how hard is it to get prepared and finish all your shopping.

If it was up to me retailers would not be allowed to get geared up for Yuletide until after Bonfire night. That is plenty of time for people to get in the Christmas spirit and saves the problem of shoppers buying presents three months in advance, hiding them at the back of the wardrobe and then forgetting they ever bought anything for uncle such and such or niece thingy-me-bob and getting something else.

Householders would then be more likely to bring their decorations down from the loft when they are supposed to... in December!

I am no Scrooge and in my house we tend to put up our Christmas tree - of course it has to be a real one - during the first weekend in December.

This easily provides four weeks of enjoyment and spares everyone being sick of the mention of Christmas even before it arrives.

After 30 years of discussions, arguments and meticulous planning Sudbury’s new health centre was finally given the green light.

Having sat through numerous council meetings regarding the centre in Chilton’s Church Field Road, I must say I am glad the wait is nearly over.

But as well as being pleased for selfish reasons (some of those meetings were very dull), I am also delighted for Sudbury that such an up to date facility will be at the disposal of its residents and those in the surrounding vicinity.

There have been moans and groans that the centre will never replace the Walnuttree or St Leonard’s Hospitals and of course that is true as it will not accommodate any beds for patients.

Those buildings face an uncertain future and efforts should be made to preserve them in a way that benefits the town and celebrates the historic value they hold.

But the time has passed for complaints, planning permission has been granted, construction is set to start next year and completion is expected in early 2014.

Sudbury will have a health clinic to be proud of and will be envied by towns of similar sizes who get by on half as much provisions.

We need to realise how lucky we are. Good things come to those who wait.