Future of shop left in balance after owner dies

Fifteen staff who work at the village newsagent Boxford News are waiting to hear whether their jobs are safe after the business owner died.

Widower Alastair Macintyre, 69, who lived above the shop in Broad Street, died after a long illness. The business has passed to his next of kind, his brother Donald and sons who live in America.

And they have pledged to try to ensure the shop continues serving the village and safeguard the livelihood of its 15 “hard-working” staff.

In a letter posted on the shop’s window, the family stated: “The Macintrye family’s wishes are to have the shop remain a mainstay of Boxford for a long time to come. They live in the United States and are unable to manage the store from a distance.

“The family is doing everything possible to keep the shop running until new owners can be found. The employees are also doing a wonderful job of maintaining the day-to-day operations.”

Because the estate is in probate, and there is a lack of access to the accounts, the new owners are running the shop as a cash-only business.

David Cocksedge, from Sudbury solicitors Bates Wells & Brathwaite, said: “It hasn’t yet come on the open market.

“We are following up a few lines of inquiry after some unofficial expressions of interest to buy the business.”