Forged bank notes spotted

FAKE £20 notes have been spotted in Hadleigh.

Town councillor Jane Haylock, who owns The Idler bookshop in the High Street, discovered a fake as she was cashing up the shop’s takings.

“If you look at them quickly or your eyesight isn’t very good, then you really wouldn’t notice,” said Mrs Haylock.

“They are quite convincing – they have the metal part but there is a water mark under the printed ‘£20’ on the left hand side, and the Queen’s face is quite different.”

Mrs Haylock took the note into the Ipswich Building Society branch in the High Street, where she found another person who had found one.

“He said he’d had some in his wages, so there are obviously some going round,” she said.

Police handed out a number of tester pens, used to identify counterfeit money, to independent businesses in Sudbury and Hadleigh around Christmas time.

Pc Matt Paisley said that in the last month, only two counterfeit £20 notes had been discovered in the town.

“Having spoken to a number of banks and building societies, the post office, pubs and local businesses, it doesn’t appear that Hadleigh has a specific problem.”

Paul Winter, Ipswich Building Society chief executive, said: “We would always recommend that individuals check their bank notes for any forgeries and, if you have any suspicions, to go to the local police who would be interested to know where the note came from.”