Footpath is open, says club official

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SPORTS club officials say they are working hard with residents from a Great Cornard estate to resolve issues around a club-owned footpath.

Residents from the estate who use the path in Spicer Way – which is on Sudbury Rugby Club land – to take their children to nearby schools were puzzled about a stile being removed and a gate being put up at the path entrance.

Laurie Skelton, from Spicer Way, said he did not know if his children, Chloe and Alec, could still use the path or not. He had also heard a child had been hurt on the stile.

But this week, Sudbury Rugby Club chairman Mike Beckett said the path was still open and he has no objection to parents using it to take children to the nearby Great Cornard upper and middle schools and Wells Hall Primary School.

He said: “It is currently not locked and I have no problems with parents using the path to take their children to school with the mutual consent of the club.

“I had one mother contact me recently and ask if it was possible and I was happy to help. Our name gets dragged through the mud when people complain, but we are doing everything we can to be neighbourly.”

A spokeswoman for Great Cornard Parish Council said the authority had received correspondence from Suffolk County Council with regard to the footpath being adopted by the county.

“This is something we will discuss at a future meeting,” she added.

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