Flats plan on old tax office site criticised

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Latest news from the Suffolk Free Press, suffolkfreepress.co.uk, @sfpsudbury on Twitter

Plans to build 33 flats on the old tax office site in Sudbury would cause traffic chaos, according to a neighbouring resident.

Susan Tomlinson lives opposite the site, which was demolished earlier in the year, and believes the four-storey structure would have a negative effect on the area.

A planning application – by Parkland Developments – has been submitted to Babergh District Council.

Mrs Tomlinson said: “Thirty-three flats would totally dominate the area. They would be crammed into the plot like sardines, and would be out of character with the town.”

The site is on the corner of Newton Road and Belle Vue Road, opposite the town park.

Mrs Tomlinson criticised the design and density of the proposed structure, arguing it should be “stepped” like all other buildings on the inclined Belle Vue Road.

Under the plans, the building will be the height of the nearest property, allowing for four floors – something which worries the full-time foster carer.

She said: “I have foster children here, many of them vulnerable, and the building will totally overlook my garden.”

Another major concern is the increase in traffic the development would bring.

“It’s really hard to get out of this road most days, it will back up,” said Mrs Tomlinson.

In the plan’s transport report, however, it is stated that traffic would be reduced by turning the site into a residential area due to its proximity to the town centre and its attractiveness to residents without a car.

Mrs Tomlinson disagreed, claiming that many of the flats would be owned by couples with more than one vehicle, therefore increasing traffic.

A consultation for neighbouring residents on the site closes on December 16.