Firm stars in TV series

A HADLEIGH iron works company played its part in a series following the restoration of a National Trust house, screened on BBC One.

Jim Lawrence, based in Lady Lane Industrial Estate, were invited to join an army of craftsmen and designers to recreate the original styles of Avebury Manor in Wiltshire.

The firm worked on creating a four poster bed for the series “To the Manor Reborn”, which ended on Friday and was presented by Penelope Keith and antique expert Paul Martin.

As the BBC wanted the bed to be “jumpable” and affordable, instead of using an original Tudor bed they bought one at auction and asked Jim Lawrence to reconstruct the rails, fixings, hooks and rings from which to hang 15th century style curtains.

Ian Dale, who was in charge of the bed restoration, said the firm was one of only a handful across the country that could recreate all the fittings as “authentically as possible”.

“The very process that Jim Lawrence still use now of coating their finished ironworks in a beeswax finish was definitely a skill employed in the Tudor forges,” he said.

Jim Lawrence, owner of the company, said his team were “thrilled” to be involved in the restoration project.