Fire crews tackle recycling centre blaze

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FIREFIGHTERS from Sudbury, Long Melford and Hadleigh battled a fire at a recycling centre in Haverhill.

Crews from Long Melford and Haverhill were called to the fire, which started at 9.37am on Monday. Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service crews ventilated the 100 metre by 50 metre Waste Recycling Group plc property in Homefield Road, where 150 tonnes of household waste was burning.

Residents and local businesses were advised to keep doors and windows closed, and a number of staff from surrounding businesses were sent home complaining of sore throats.

Eight crews of around 40 firefighters, including those from Sudbury and Hadleigh, had attended the scene of the fire, which saw around one quarter of the building ablaze.

Crews cut through the roof of the building on Monday and used a turntable ladder to douse the flames from above.

Breathing apparatus crews later had to be withdrawn as the turntable ladder continued to carve holes in the roof with fire water diverted away from mains drains under supervision of the Environment Agency.

A thermal imaging camera was being used to assess the fire overnight on Tuesday, with two ground monitors in use, with firefighters present throughout the night.