Fear over mobile home bid

Fears have been raised that plans to create a permanent pitch for a family living in a mobile home in Newton could trigger further traveller developments.

An application has been submitted to Babergh District Council that, if successful, will give the Street family permission to occupy land in Sackers Green.

The move would see the travellers relocate from a small area of land, where they have lived for seven years, to a new site less than 100 metres away.

However, the proposals have been criticised by the parish council, which claims it could set a precedent. It is also concerned that villagers have not been consulted.

“We have made our views clear to the council and we can’t see any reason for the Street family to move,” said vice-chairman Roy Gardner.

“The family have never been a problem but, although nothing has ever been said, we are concerned that this could be the thin end of the wedge. The site is close to a very large field and you don’t know what will happen in the future.”

The Cornard Tye Residents’ Association has also called the plans “unsuitable”.

A development committee, which meets on Wednesday, has been recommended to approve David Wilson’s proposals for the change of use of agricultural land to a permanent residential mobile home pitch.