Fear drivers will kill on notorious rat-run

SLOW DOWN: Villagers show off the notices that have gone up around Groton and Edwardstone.
SLOW DOWN: Villagers show off the notices that have gone up around Groton and Edwardstone.

The actions of speeding drivers through Groton and Edwardstone could end in tragedy, unless their behaviour is curbed soon.

That is the view of concerned residents who, with the support of Groton Parish Council chairman Carey Faulo, have put up notices pleading with motorists to slow down.

It comes after six cats were killed in Groton in the space of a few months – and there are fears it is only a matter of time before a pedestrian is seriously hurt or killed.

“There is some concern that one day someone who is walking their dog, riding a horse or even a child could be hit,” said Mrs Faulo, who lives near Dove Farm in Groton.

“We want to appeal to people’s better nature and make a point that drivers need to slow down.”

Many of the affected lanes are single tracks and have blind bends. It is thought the roads are used as rat-runs by drivers and the problem is worse during the morning and afternoon when parents are on the school run.

Mrs Faulo, who has lived in the village for 25 years, said Boxford Primary School had been approached about the issue and had sent out letters to parents. Villagers are also displaying “slow down” posters outside their homes.

“We wanted to appeal to the children as hopefully they will tell their parents to slow down,” said Mrs Faulo.

“There have been a number of complaints about speeding, particularly around school time, and those people who have had cats killed are very upset.”

Mrs Faulo said Suffolk County Council had been made aware of the situation and had set up a monitoring system along some of the affected roads, but statistics showed they were not busy enough for any speed reduction controls to be introduced.

Police have also been informed, with officers pledging to increase checks in the area.

“Residents are willing to see speed-reduction measures introduced but, as a rumble strip costs around £2,000 and the parish council precept is £4,000, it is out of the question,” said Mrs Faulo.

“We are hopeful the notices will have the desired impact.”