Work starts on new homes

A CAVENDISH social housing development is on target to provide eight new homes for rent in the village by the end of the year.

The new homes are being built by Havebury Housing Partnership on land off Nether Road and the development consists of four two-bedroom houses, two two-bedroom bunglaows and two three-bedroom houses.

The social housing development was instigated by Cavendish parish council after a survey found there was widespread support for new homes for people who could not afford to buy their own properties in Cavendish.

Louise Wilby, a rural housing officer for Suffolk ACRE, which conducted the survey for the parish council said 79% of those who replied to the survey agreed that new homes in the village were required.

She said: “The funding was acquired last year and work started on the new development last month. They should be finished on site within 12 months.”

The eight homes available are all going to be for rent and will be offered to people who have lived in Cavendish for more than three years and people who have jobs in the village but cannot afford to live there.

Funding for social housing projects was dealt a blow in last Autumn’s spending review by the government when it revealed that the budget for new homes would be slashed by 60% in future.

A new social housing scheme for Boxford, on land previously earmarked for new homes, has been submitted to Babergh district council. A homes survey was conducted in the village last year to ascertain social housing need.

The planning application is for eight flats and garages on land east of 28 and 29 Homefield, A previous application in the same place submitted in 2006 for eight low-cost houses was withdrawn.