Tree felling prompts protests

ASSURANCES that a programme of organised tree felling is only being carried out for “good reason” has done little to deter the protests of angry residents.

Last week, Sudbury councillor John Sayers sought to address any concerns after Babergh District Council began a tree survey that will affect more than 200 trees.

Mr Sayers pointed to the fact that the council would only be cutting down trees that were in a poor or dangerous condition, while removing those that were overcrowded.

However, since the start of the work on Wednesday, a number of complaints have been made to the district council.

Evelyn Powell, who saw work taking place on trees near her home in Deben Drive, said: “It is not necessary – the trees are just being hacked away.

“There is very little greenery here and the trees weren’t doing any harm.”

Mrs Powell said that a handful of her neighbours had witnessed the tree surgery and found it “upsetting”.

“A tree that used to provide lovely berries for the birds has been very heavily pruned and we have been left with a few stumps,” she said.

“I have rung the council but haven’t heard anything back.”

A council spokesman said that in many cases trees would be replaced during the next planting season and that all the trees affected had undergone a “detailed examination” prior to work commencing.

For a map of where the tree survey, which is running until August 26, will take place, visit Sudbury Town Hall in Gaol Lane or Babergh’s office’s in Corks Lane, Hadleigh.