Tree disease fear near Bures

Young ash trees on a popular woodland and wildlife site are showing signs of the killer disease which is infecting ash trees in East Anglia.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust, which runs and manages Arger Fen near Assington, says an area of the 100-acre site called Hullback’s Grove, full of ash saplings, is showing signs of the fungal disease.

Site manager Will Cranstoun said: “We are still waiting for the samples to be analysed which should be done by this week, but it’s looking extremely likely it could be.

“It’s on ash saplings around the edges of the site but has not yet spread into the middle. The site was coppiced some time ago and left to develop and so it is full of thousands of ash saplings.”

He said the Forestry Commission is analysing the samples and has the power to close the woodland if it was felt it would help stop the disease from spreading.

The disease, known as “ash dieback” has already been confirmed in two places in Suffolk and Norfolk with 24 more possible cases being reported in the region.

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