New year is a green one

SUDBURY’S green campaigners have a busy new year planned with a number of events in the pipeline to encourage people to swap, reuse and recycle to save energy.

Transition Sudbury, set up by the Sudbury Market Town Partnership, is holding another “swop shop” event so people can donate their unwanted household and garden items to others for free.

It is also promoting a greener homes do-it-yourself scheme, and has come up with an innovative gardening scheme where people who have too much garden can offer part of it to someone else in return for giving a percentage of the crop to the garden owner.

Sudbury Market Town Partnership represents more than 200 voluntary and community groups, churches and schools.

Project manager Jane Hatton said: “We are working with Colin Wright to establish a GardenShare Scheme. We would like to hear from people if they are interested in either being a garden owner or a gardener.”

On March 10, the group is staging a swop shop at St Peter’s, in Market Hill, Sudbury, where residents are encouraged to bring their unwanted items and leave these for others to take away.

It is also staging an eco fair on May 12 to give people an opportunity to find out more about local food, reducing energy consumption, conservation, recycling and waste reduction.

Email for more information.