Decision on homes plan delayed

A DECISION on plans to build a small development of homes in Newton Green has been delayed.

Proposals for three houses, including a five-bedroom farmhouse-style property, and a garage in Whisper Wood went before Babergh District Council last week.

But, with the application drawing objections from the parish council and villagers, a decision on the plans was deferred.

Colin Poole, chairman of Newton Parish Council, said concerns included the number and size of the buildings and an increase in traffic.

He said: “The local view is that people will be overlooked and the largest property at the front is squeezed in.

“There are too many buildings.”

A series of letters from villagers were also sent in support of the site, claiming it would be an attractive addition to the area.

A district spokeswoman said: “A decision was delayed until a site inspection can take place.”

The plans have been recommended for approval by council officers.