Cows terrify walkers

A MOTHER-of-four has stopped taking her children and her puppy to Sudbury’s water meadows after the grazing cows ran at them, frightening her children.

Natalee Smith, of Hillcrest Road, Sudbury, has been walking on the meadows for 11 years and said this was the first time she had seen the cows run towards her.

“I was walking through the meadows with my children and dog, on his lead, when the cows ran at us,” she said.

“We were nowhere near them and we were absolutely terrified.

“I have to say I feel the cows have become more aggressive since they have been back on the meadows and it should not take someone getting hurt to act.”

Ms Smith said the incident happened on the land near the old salmon leap.

She added: “We will stay well clear, which is such a shame because it is such a beautiful place and ideal for children and dogs.”

Sudbury Common Lands Ranger Adrian Walters said the simplest solution was for people to keep their distance from the grazing cattle.

“There are signs on every entrance to the meadows alerting people to the cattle and my contact details are on them, too,” he said.

“Cattle have grazed these meadows for at least 800 years – it is their area.

“Cows are inquisitive animals and are not going to do anything. It is basic common sense to keep clear of them.”