Elvis tribute act to entertain people with dementia in Sudbury

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An Elvis impersonator will be providing some fun and therapeutic entertainment designed for people living with dementia in Sudbury this month.

St Peter’s on Market Hill will ring out with favourites from the king of rock ‘n’ roll in an unusual afternoon concert, organised by the East of England Co-op.

It has been organised on the basis that songs from the legendary American singer will help evoke good feelings and reminiscences for people living with dementia.

The Rev Cheryl Collins, from St Gregory’s Church, says anyone is welcome to attend the concert on November 22, not just people with dementia.

She explained: “It was the idea of Lee Richie, who works for the East of England Co-op funeral directors in Sudbury.

“Apparently, when he visited a relative in a care home, and they had an Elvis impersonator sing for them, he noticed how animated and enthralled the residents were.

“That gave him the idea of having a concert with an Elvis impersonator, designed for people with dementia as their long-term memory seems intact when it comes to old favourites,” she said.

Children from St Gregory’s and Tudor primary schools are also taking part in the concert, which starts at 2pm and will be free of charge to attend.

They plan to sing along to Elvis with the impersonator, including the hymn How Great Thou Art.

Donations from the concert are being given to Dementia UK.