You can’t compare results, says council

A spokeswoman for Suffolk County Council said that county-wide and national results for this year’s Year 6 SATs had not yet been collected and analysed.

Last year, schools across Suffolk recorded 74 per cent of children achieving level four or above in maths and English.

The percentage achieving two levels of progress in English since Year 2 across the county was 84 per cent and the figure for those achieving two levels of progress in maths was 80 per cent.

The spokeswoman said that these would not be the measures used to assess performance this year and, as such, should not be compared to last year’s results.

“It is important to note that these will not be the measures used this year so it will not be a straightforward task to make a comparison with the previous year,” she said.

A briefing on results from this year’s exams is being written and, as a result, the spokeswoman said she was unable to reveal why the measures would be different this year.

“Apparently, there are quite significant changes,” she said.

“In essence, the way progress is measured is fundamentally different and the basket of measures used is wider.”

The cost to Suffolk County Council for the reorganisation of the schools into a two-tier system is around £103million. No figures for estimated savings have been revealed.