No cash excuse ‘risks lifes’

A request is to be made for a crossing patrol officer on route to a Sudbury school after fears a child could be injured or killed.

Concerns have been raised about youngsters making their way to St Gregory’s School in Church Street due to the excessive speed that traffic travels along Mill Hill.

Calls had been made for Suffolk County Council to create a crossing in the area, but highways officers have said the crossing would cost £40,000 and require a £3,000 feasibility study – making it too expensive.

Lesley Ford Platt, chair of governors at the school, said headteacher Phil Knowles was “incredulous” about the decision.

“The county council have said they have no money for a crossing and it is sad because it always seems to be the case that a child must be seriously injured of killed before anything is done,” she said.

Mrs Ford-Platt said that as the school was to use a walking bus scheme from the Mill Hotel and it was likely pupils aged from nine to 11 would walk to school by themselves, some sort of safety measure was needed.

Members of Sudbury Town Council’s highways and footpaths committee said they wanted to see a lollipop man or woman brought in along with a 20’s plenty scheme.

Part funding is to be sought from the town’s county councillors.