Help for those not happy with GCSE results in Suffolk

Exam results ANL-140819-194153001
Exam results ANL-140819-194153001

Employability and training experts The Consultancy Home Counties Ltd (TCHC) are offering support to young people in Suffolk who haven’t achieved their desired GCSE results or who have not yet gone into work or education.

TCHC offers a range of youth programmes which are designed to unleash the potential of local young people regardless of prior results.

The programmes are based around the individual and are designed to give them confidence, develop expertise as well as job and interview skills, so they can kick start their careers. This could be by getting a job, Traineeship, Apprenticeship, training or going to college.

Lorraine Gimson, Director of Youth Programmes, said: “A lot of young people are left not knowing what to do next when they don’t achieve the results they want, resulting in them not going into education, training or a job.

“But what young people need to know is that it’s not the end of the world, there is a lot of support and there are other options available. Our programmes are specifically designed to help those where plan A is currently not an option; we can help with plan B and ensure that young people reach their goals.”

The programmes run by TCHC are funded by ESF (European Social Fund), Education Funding Agency and the Skills Funding Agency and focus on the individual’s needs and learning style. All the programmes are supported by TCHC’s recruitment team who assist in finding education, training and employment opportunities that suit the young person’s career aspirations, as well as supporting them through the application and interview process.

“The ultimate aim of all our programmes is to ensure that young people secure a successful future, no matter what the outcome is of their GCSE results,” added Lorraine.

In Suffolk, there are two programmes available, ‘My Future’ and ‘My Mentor’. My Future is aimed at getting young people ready for employment, education or work with training such as Apprenticeships. It is for those Not In Employment, Education or Training (NEET) aged 16-19 and for those in danger of becoming NEET aged 14-16. It is also for 19-24 year olds who have been assessed as having a learning difficulty and/or disability. Young people can earn the chance to get free driving lessons or First Aid training, gain a CSCS card, skills that are very useful in the workplace.

My Mentor, also known as the Youth Contract programme, is designed for young people who are aged 16- 17 years old and do not have more than one GCSE above a grade D; or for young people who have been or are in local authority care regardless of number or grade of GCSE; or for young people who have been in custody regardless of number or grade of GCSE.

An in-depth support and mentoring programme focuses on areas that may include: figuring out what they’d like to do next and how to get there – work, study or both, building confidence, finding a job or Apprenticeship, helping them choose which training or education options would be right for them, making sense of finances and money, family planning and child care while studying, support for drug addiction, dealing with homelessness, disability hardships and dealing with depression.

Teens and parents who would like to know more about the programmes can contact TCHC’s youth team on 01923 698483 or visit