Fence to enclose upper school site

A two-metre high security fence will be built around the perimeter of Thomas Gainsborough School in Great Cornard to stop dogs from fouling on the fields and to increase safety.

The green mesh fencing will enclose the whole school, including its sports fields.

Headteacher Wayne Lloyd told Great Cornard’s annual parish meeting on Monday that the site is very open to unwanted intruders by modern standards and has suffered from dog fouling and litter problems for many years.

“This will secure the perimeter of the school,” he said. “It won’t affect the public footpath but it will mean, for the first time ever, that there won’t be access across the school fields for dog walkers and others.

“There is no public right of access across the school fields. We feel it is both necessary and essential, and the priority is making sure the school is safe.”

Plans for the fencing show it will be placed around two metres inside the public right of way that runs around three sides of the school. There will be five pedestrian access points and four access points for vehicles.

Mr Lloyd said the project has been funded by a grant from Suffolk County Council, as part of the Government’s priority school building programme.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Lloyd said: “This is about securing the site and making the school totally secure and safe, without turning it into a prison.”

Work is expected to start by the end of the month and take four weeks.