Eco-schools prove they are top of the class

GREEN TEAM: Nayland pupils with their green flag eco award.
GREEN TEAM: Nayland pupils with their green flag eco award.

Staff, parents and children at two primary schools are taking a stand against wasting energy and resources to help the environment.

Monks Eleigh Primary School has had 64 solar panels fitted on its south-facing roof, costing £27,000 and saving up to 40 per cent on its annual electricity bill.

Meanwhile, Nayland Primary School has secured its first coveted Eco-Schools green flag award, which proves the school is environmentally-friendly.

Parent Michaela Woollatt, who helped teacher Karon Symons set up the scheme, said 84 solar panels fitted last year have already saved £1,000 on electricity costs.

Simple changes like ensuring all unnecessary lights and taps are switched off and that paper, plastic and other material are recycled, have cut bills.

In September, 54 circuit sensors were fitted throughout the school to measure the amount of energy being used.

“We are the first school in the UK to have this equipment, and it is being extended to cover water use in the spring,” said Mrs Woollatt.

“Pupils and staff understand that being an environmentally-friendly school is not just about having solar panels or a biomass boiler. Pupils are taught from the earliest age that human actions have an impact on the environment.”

And staff at Monks Eleigh Primary School are hoping to continue their green approach. Headteacher Rob Giles said: “By collecting information about energy consumption, the children are learning – it’s a living example of science in action.”