Drop-off scheme a success

SCHOOL staff have come up with a way to stop traffic jams in their village as a result of the school run.

A new, voluntary one-way traffic system started through Nayland last week, with the primary school in Bear Street employing two people to stand outside the school gates every morning for 15 minutes to meet and greet children being dropped off by car.

Organisers hope it will stop the narrow streets being snarled up by parked cars and will help mums and dads get in and out of the village quicker.

The system was run as a trial by the school in November and its success has led to it being made a permanent fixture.

Nayland Primary School headteacher Raegan Delaney said: “I’m really pleased that we’ve been able to do something to help reduce congestion in Nayland.

“I hope that, over time, it will make a real difference. We looked at a number of options, including a walking bus, and decided this was the best solution.

“Being a village school isn’t just about providing a good education for children. It’s also about how you fit into and do things that help the local community.”

The scheme followed concerns about traffic levels raised by villagers and the school’s safety warden.

Parents are now asked to come off the A134 and drop off their children at the school on their left. They then carry on through the village and loop back on to the A134 near The Anchor pub.

Mum Amanda Rutland, who has two children at the school, Dylan, seven, and Hettie, five, said the system has helped ease congestion and has improved safety for children.

Mrs Rutland, who works for the NHS near Colchester, said: “Before, you would get cars parked all along the street, across people’s driveways, and if there was an oil tanker delivering to a house or lorries trying to get through, it was awful.

“I drop my children off before I go to work every morning and it’s so much better with the new system and I would say it is much safer too.”

County councillor James Finch said: “This is a great scheme for the school, parents, staff and residents in Nayland.

“I believe it will go a long way to helping resolve some of the traffic problems caused by the morning school run.”