Drivers must ‘take a stand’ over fuel cost

Motorists in Sudbury are being urged to boycott the town’s petrol stations by a taxi company owner in protest at high fuel prices.

Simon Traylen, who owns Excel Cars in Richard Burn Way, reiterated calls he made in March which he hopes will encourage stations to match prices in Bury St Edmunds, Colchester and Ipswich.

“You go there and the fuel is much cheaper across the board,” said Mr Traylen. “It comes from exactly the same depot so there’s no reason why it should be more expensive.”

He explained that prices in Sudbury had matched those in surrounding towns for one week in October but had crept up since then to around three or four pence per litre more.

“I emailed Tesco’s CEO about this and got the exact same reply as I did six months ago, so they are reading from a script and not listening to the issues,” he said.

He called for Sudbury people to back his Fair Fuel for Sudbury page on Facebook and said he favoured retailers using a national fuel pricing structure.

“Someone has to take a stand or fuel will always be more expensive in Sudbury,” said Mr Traylen.

Commenting on the Free Press’ Facebook page, Louise Craig said she already boycotted Sudbury stations and bought her fuel in Bury St Edmunds as it was cheaper.

Laura Lloyd added: “It should be one standard price for all – you don’t pay more for your food elsewhere compared to Sudbury.”

Simon Barrett, manager of Barrett-Lee in Northern Road, said: “We don’t sell as much volume as some others, so for us to make it viable we have to sell for more money. We’ve made a conscious decision to set a minimum level.

“There is no money in it. The margins are so small.”

A Tesco spokeswoman said it aimed to price fuel competitively according to local markets and, like all other UK retailers, did not use a national pricing policy.

“We are sorry that, in this instance, our customer doesn’t feel that his concerns were addressed,” she added.