Drivers blast ‘Ludicrous’ 30-mile detour

Latest news from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest news from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter

Drivers have blasted highways chiefs for sending them on a ‘ludicrous’ 30-mile detour to avoid a stretch of road - less than one mile long.

Travellers have been forced to go on a sightseeing trip through several villages to bypass the section of road between Ipswich and Hintlesham.

The road works only stretched for just under a mile, but drivers were sent back on themselves and on a 51 minute trip to reach their destination. Rory Marriott, of Hintlesham, said the 29.5 mile route “beggars belief”.

The road was closed from Friday until Monday for work to be carried out on a bridge.

The diversion to get from Ipswich to Hintlesham went through Sproughton, Bramford, Claydon, Needham Market, Barking, Naughton, Bildeston, Nedging, Semer and Hadleigh.

A Suffolk County Council spokesman said the diversion route had to be suitable for all types of traffic, including heavier vehicles.

He said: “There may be other alternative routes that are suitable for smaller cars - however we need to provide a diversion suitable for all.

“When the works are planned we always endeavour to put up signage to inform road users of the upcoming delays or diversion to help drivers plan their future journeys.”