Don’t worry, it’s not last post yet

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Residents on the Chaucer Road estate in Sudbury should not give up on the idea of getting a postbox reinstated on their estate.

That is the view of ward councillor John Sayers who says there is hope yet that Royal Mail may reverse its decision.

The postbox was removed from Chaucer Road without warning last year after the owner of the land on which it was sited requested it be taken down.

Residents complained to the company and 300 householders signed a petition calling for it to be replaced.

Many elderly residents claimed they were unable to walk to the next nearest postbox in Priory Road.

But Mr Sayers says he has contacted Royal Mail after securing council assurances that the postbox does not need planning permission as well as an offer of funding, if required, from his locality budget.

He said that Ofcom, the communications regulator, also agreed there did not seem to be any reason for not replacing the postbox.

He said: “I have told Royal Mail that planning permission for a postbox is not a requirement and I have got clearance to use the locality budget if needs be, so I am hoping it will agree to reinstate it.

“Where we want it is at the bottom of Chaucer Road with Melford Road where the town council noticeboard is. We haven’t given up hope.”