Doctor honoured with MBE for voluntary work abroad

INSPIRING CONFIDENCE: Dr Peter Pitt at home in Lavenham.
INSPIRING CONFIDENCE: Dr Peter Pitt at home in Lavenham.
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The expertise of a Lavenham doctor, who accompanied more pilgrimages to war cemeteries and memorials than any other, has been recognised.

Over 30 years, Dr Peter Pitt, who lives in Shilling Street, has travelled with both widows and heroes to battle sites and cemeteries abroad.

The 80-year-old has been awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) for the voluntary service he has given to the Royal British Legion and Heroes Return.

Dr Pitt said he had greatly enjoyed the adventures and never expected to be named in the New Year’s Honours List.

He said he was always glad to help families dealing with the experience of losing a loved one.

“The wonderful thing was they were all frightened, especially when they came to see the graves of their husbands’ for the first time,” said Dr Pitt.

“But the whole group was also terribly happy by the last day. We gave them confidence.”

During his time, Dr Pitt travelled to locations including Burma, and the island of Ambon in Indonesia, where there are very remote war cemeteries, with medical supplies.

His role required him to administer emergency medical care to those making pilgrimages.

Dr Pitt said that at no time did he charge for his services and he often organised the medical bag with up-to-date drugs, which he administered when the need arose, at no cost to the charities.

Having made a diagnosis for seriously ill passengers, he assisted the hospitals in subsequent treatment and liaised with GPs at home.