Do something about ‘slum end of town’ plea

CAUSE FOR COMPLAINT: Hairdresser Jonathan Cutter.
CAUSE FOR COMPLAINT: Hairdresser Jonathan Cutter.

A businessman who has been trading in Sudbury for more than 40 years has asked the council to tidy up his part of town.

Jonathan Cutter, a hairdresser who owns a shop in Gaol Lane where he has been in business for 42 years, says he is very concerned about the way the street looks, and has described it as becoming like a slum area.

He says an area of land, as well as a dilapidated and damaged fence, opposite his shop is an eyesore and should be replaced or removed.

He says the problem is from vandals who regularly smash the fence and use the land as a toilet – despite the public toilets being located only yards away.

Mr Cutter said: “I feel it’s becoming like a slum area. I don’t know who the area belongs to and I’ve asked the council to find out and to see if it can do anything about it.

“I’ve also reported the vandalism to the police but they have told me that unless I see people actually doing it, they can’t do anything.

“There is some CCTV further along the street but I don’t think it is able to see where the damage is being caused.”

Janet Miller, from the courier company Pexgo in Gaol Lane, said she agreed the area needed tidying up.

“I’ve seen people using that piece of land as a toilet,” she said. “They go behind what’s left of the fence for a wee.

“During the summer, I’ve seen people with beer and spirits going behind the fence.

“I think it would be better if the fence was taken away because at least then they can’t hide behind it. It’s an eyesore really.”

Mr Cutter added that the area behind his and other shops in Gaol Lane was regularly used by revellers as a toilet.

“We have to disinfect the walls all the time because of the urine,” he said. “The thing is the public toilets close at 6pm, so at night people go where they want to.”

Mr Cutter said the unkempt appearance was not creating the right impression of Sudbury.

He said traders in the street were still upset about not having any Christmas decorations to speak of in the street.

“For the first time last year, the decorations only came a little way along here,” he said. “We feel as if we are the forgotten area.”

Recently-appointed town centre manager Jane Hatton said she would be looking into the complaints by traders in Gaol Lane.

She said: “First impressions really count so I will see what can be done to sort this out.”