Design experts review plans for 25 homes

Latest community news from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest community news from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter

Heavily-criticised plans to build new homes which are claimed will be out of place in Boxford have been sent to design experts.

Iceni Homes and Suffolk Housing have put forward an application to construct 25 houses on Sand Hill.

A number of residents say the proposals are not in keeping with the rest of the village, would result in over development and an increased risk of flooding.

Sue Beven, who is campaigning against the plans, said the developers’ drawings had been sent to the Suffolk Design Review Panel – a body of architects and building experts.

“The planning officer had considerable concerns about the designs as they are not in keeping with Boxford,” said Mrs Beven, from Cox Hill.

“The houses are not conducive with the rest of the village and there are concerns about access to the site.”

The panel, which works to improve the design of buildings, met before Christmas to discuss the proposals, which include the creation of 20 affordable homes. It is due to give its feedback within the next three weeks.

Mrs Beven, who has set up a website – – opposing the proposals, said she was not against affordable homes, just the location.

“A housing survey conducted in 2010 found that two separate housing developments of 15 homes were needed, but the developers have just disregarded that,” she said.

“They have chosen what has suited them and it is not good for the village.”

Last month, Peter Balls, Boxford Parish Council chairman, said a balance between what was needed and what was right for the village had to be found.

A spokeswoman for Iceni Homes said it would take on board the findings of the panel and make amendments if necessary.

“This is part of the process of building developments and we will see what comes from the review,” she said. “We are aware of the concerns of some residents but the majority are in favour of housing for the local community.”