Delight at new bench

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A TEA shop owner has thanked the kindness of a stranger after vandals damaged a bench outside her cafe.

Maxine Spooner, who runs Tinkled Pink Tea Rooms in Lavenham, was left disheartened after the bench was vandalised.

However, just weeks later, a mystery customer slipped a note under Maxine’s door explaining how she sympathised with what had happened, thanked her for her kindness in the cafe following her husband’s death and promised to deliver a new bench.

“The letter said how terrible it was that vandals could do such a thing,” said Maxine.

“I was upset about the damage as the bench isn’t just used by customers but also by people taking a rest as they walk up the high street.

“The new bench arrived last week and we’re very pleased with it.”

She said that staff at the cafe had been trying to think who was behind the generous gift, but without any success.

“It is a very nice gesture and everyone thinks it is really sweet,” said Maxine, who has owned the tea room for five years.