Delays hit bridge work

FOOTBRIDGE repairs in Sudbury costing £100,000 have been delayed by six weeks, writes Elliot Pinkham.

Drake Road and First Avenue were closed in early March as Suffolk County Council removed the bridges overnight for widening and painting work.

The original date for their replacement was set as April 19 but, following the discovery of additional problems, this has been put back.

A Suffolk County Council spokeswoman said: “The bridges were found to be in a worse condition when they were removed and additional work needs to be done.

“The costs are still within the original budget of £100,000 and they are expected to be replaced on May 29 and 31.”

Geoffrey Perryman, who has lived in Drake Road for 50 years, said: “I don’t see why they needed doing, they weren’t that run down but the delay doesn’t bother me.”

Paula Page, who lives in First Avenue with four of her children, added: “My children have to walk up to the main road if they want to get to their friends now – the bridges are safer if you have small children.

“I think they could spend the money on improving other footpaths.”

But Ian Norman, who is currently staying with his mother in Drake Road, believes the repairs are necessary.

“I don’t use the bridges but they are very well-used and were in need of refurbishment,” he said.

The council spokeswoman said that residents will be contacted towards the end of May with information on road closures, diversions and any parking measures that may need to be implemented when the footbridges are reinstated.