Debut novel was worth the wait

A CAVENDISH author has published her debut novel – 15 years after she started writing it.

Laura Hart, from Peacocks Close, has released The Toy Sorcerer, the first book in a trilogy entitled The Ancient Knowledge.

“It’s a multi-dimensional journey, between Earth and the dream realms – there’s a lot of paganism and witchcraft,” said Laura, 50, who lives with her dog Grace.

“It’s a 21st-century take on Alice in Wonderland, the protagonist is even called Alice, but this wonderland isn’t so pleasant as it is where every dream man has ever had comes to life.”

Aimed at readers aged 16 and over, the book is partly inspired by Laura’s own experiences.

“I was a lucid dreamer when I was young and being trapped in dreams where you are aware that you’re dreaming but you can’t get out is pretty scary,” she said.

“My brother was killed in a car crash when I was 14 and he was 18. I wasn’t involved in it but a lot of my dreams were quite horrific, and Alice’s journey is that she has suffered a car crash that kills her mother and brother.”

Feedback from fantasy genre publishers has been positive so far.

“It has been extremely well-received,” said Laura, who moved to Cavendish in 2010.

Having worked in fields including acting, property design and her current vocation of 3D design and glass art – which has seen her design stage props for Kylie Minogue’s world tour – Laura’s writing talents lay undiscovered for over a decade.

“I first drafted The Toy Sorcerer about 15 years ago, but it got shelved,” she explained. “It was only a couple of years ago that a friend read it and asked why I hadn’t published it.”

Laura set up Lobo Publishing and has been busy with promotion ever since, with her book hitting the shelves of Waterstones, Amazon and several local book shops, as well as being entered into numerous competitions.

“It has been great and has got me started on the next book, The Final Prophecy, which is due in December,” she said.

A competition to design the cover art for The Final Prophecy with cash prizes runs until August. For entry details, email or to find out more about The Toy Sorcerer go to