Dave sets £1,000 target as he steps up marathon bid

Supermarket deputy manager Dave Sturdy decided to run the London Marathon after watching it on the television.

“I was watching it last year, tucking into a bacon sandwich for breakfast, and I thought to myself ‘I should be doing that’.”

Dave, 33, who works at Morrisons in Hadleigh, is hoping to raise £1,000 for a charity called Children With Cancer and is nearly halfway towards his target.

He chose the charity because he recalls what it was like as a child spending time in hospital.

“I had a couple of operations when I was six or seven and I remember how difficult it was as a child to be in hospital,” he said.

“Now I have a child of my own, I hope to give them the support they deserve, and if I can improve that just a little then I know this has all been worth it. Every penny will go towards a great cause.”

Dave’s wife Sandra and three-year-old daughter Paige will be going to London to watch him take part, and his colleagues are supporting him with donations.

“I have always been interested in sport, mainly football, yet running a marathon never crossed my mind at all, until now,” he said.