Cyclist’s two-hour ambulance wait

A cyclist had to lay on a country road for nearly two hours waiting for an ambulance to arrive on Sunday.

Glemsford resident Val Ost said the man injured his back and head after colliding with a parked car in Churchgate at around 2pm.

She said an ambulance did not arrive to help him for nearly two hours, turning up at around 3.50pm.

“It was a good thing that there were kind folk living nearby who cared for him and protected him from passing traffic for those two hours,” she added.

Her neighbour, Sue Gardner, made the initial 999 call after the accident happened outside her home. They had to ring 999 three times.

She and her husband Ben went to the man’s aid after he complained of hurting his neck.

“He was taken to hospital and had an X-ray,” she said. “Fortunately, there was no damage and he came round to see us last night and he is doing ok.

“The poor gentleman was in the road for a long time and we couldn’t understand why it was taking so long,” added Mrs Gardner.

“When the police turned up, they were extremely helpful and got things sorted. I understand it had been a bit of a hectic day for the ambulance service but it was not the paramedics’ fault. They do a good job,” she added.

Mrs Gardner said the man had only cycled 50 yards from his home when the accident happened. He told the couple he was on his way to nearby Stanstead.

A spokesman for the East of England Ambulance Trust said: “We would like to apologise for the unacceptable delay and assure the person involved that we are investigating the incident to help understand why it happened and prevent such delays from occurring again.

“We would encourage the patient to contact us so that we can keep him updated with the investigation.

“So far this year, we have made job offers to 300 student paramedics, and we are still recruiting, as well as putting more vehicles on the road so we can reduce delays and provide a better service to our patients,” he added.