Crunch time as meeting is held on town’s traffic woes

A meeting to discuss ways to improve traffic and transport issues in Sudbury takes place behind closed doors today, Thursday.

Time for Sudbury residents to comment on Suffolk County Council’s transport and public spaces public consultation finished two weeks ago on February 15.

Now county highways chiefs are having a face-to-face meeting with Sudbury Town Council, Sudbury Chamber of Commerce and the Sudbury Market Town Partnership at the town hall to discuss ways of tackling pressing traffic problems.

Issues include residents’ parking permits, 20 mph speed limits in the town centre, air quality in Cross Street and a clearway next to the town’s taxi ranks, as well as discussions about the junction at Great Eastern Road and Station Road.

The county council has allocated a budget of £460,000 to be spent by 2015 on improving traffic flow and highway problems in the town.