Victim of mugging afraid to leave home

A SUDBURY woman attacked in the town days just days before Christmas was pregnant.

Angie Brown, 36, whose baby is due in February, said she was on her way to meet a friend when she was approached by a drunken man asking for directions in Suffolk Square at around 10.30pm on December 22.

Mrs Brown, of Springlands, said: “I didn’t expect anything to happen as I didn’t know him.

“One minute he was asking for directions, and the next I was on the floor.”

Mrs Brown suffered two black eyes and bruising to her face as a result of the attack. Her handbag and mobile phone were stolen.

“He took everything I had,” she said.

“Money, cards, even my library card. I don’t know how anyone could do that to someone who is pregnant – they ruined my Christmas.”

After the attack, Mrs Brown was taken to West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds. She was told her baby had not been harmed but was kept in overnight for observation.

The incident has left her shaken and afraid to leave the house.

“I get frightened going outside now and don’t have the same courage that I used to,” she said.

“When I saw my mum, she told me that she was so glad I was still alive. But I’m scared it will happen again.”