Vandals strike again in cafe paint attack

A cafe owner fears a stalker could be to blame for repeated vandalism on her business.

On Sunday night, a tin of red paint was thrown at the window of Niche Cafe and Sandwich Bar in Gainsborough Street, Sudbury. The paint splattered the window and the pavement outside.

Sylvia Brown, who has run the cafe for five years, said she believed the vandalism, which follows a number of other incidents, was a personal attack against her.

“I think whoever it is may be targeting me personally – it is possibly a stalker,” she said.

In April 2011, a window at the cafe was smashed and a few days later offensive words scrawled across the side of the business.

“I have become hardened to it as I expect something every time I come into work,” she said.

“The customers are really supportive and have been coming in with information.”

The latest vandalism took place shortly before 10pm. CCTV at the cafe captured a man, with dark hair and wearing a white jacket or fleece, outside at this time.

A police spokeswoman said officers were aware Mrs Brown was a repeat victim. “Officers have spoken to surrounding businesses and investigations are on-going,” she said.

Community wardens cleaned away the paint on Wednesday morning.