Thefts from vehicles continue

DRIVERS are being reminded to remain on their guard as a spate of catalytic converter thefts continues.

Over the last six weeks, 34 catalytic converters containing valuable metals such as platinum and rhodium have been stolen from vehicles in the county, including thefts in Boxford, Sudbury and Cavendish.

Thieves are targeting commercial vehicles and vans in car parks, lay-bys, driveways and on the street – with 16 catalytic converters already reported stolen in January.

Police are visiting scrap metal dealers across the county to ensure checks are made on all metals brought for sale and are advising drivers to take precautions to keep their vehicles secure.

Bernard Plume, from Suffolk Police, said: “Vehicles should be kept in a well-secured garage where possible or, if no garage is available, in a well-lit, public area.

“Commercial vehicles should also be kept in a locked building or compound. Use alarms, lighting and CCTV to deter thieves.”

He added that the converter should also be etched with an identity or marked with Smartwater.

Any persons or vehicles seen acting suspiciously around other vehicles should be reported to Suffolk Police on 01473 613500. Dial 999 if a crime is in progress.