Sudbury nightclub’s licence suspended for two months

Subdury’s Easterns Station Lounge nightclub had its licence suspended for two months on Monday after it sold alcohol to children while TV stars flashed their genitals at customers, according to police.

David Pratt, owner and designated premises supervisor of the club in Great Eastern Road, was told by Babergh District Council’s licensing sub-committee that his licence would be suspended for two months after a review on Monday.

Mr Pratt will be appealing the decision, and has 21 days, during which the club will remain open, in which to do so.

Suffolk Police had applied to revoke the licence after four children – aged 15, 16, 16 and 17 – gained entry to the club unchallenged and bought two alcoholic drinks each during a test purchase operation by Suffolk Trading Standards and Suffolk Police on November 17.

Three members of staff were given on-the-spot fines for selling alcohol to under-18s as a result of the sting operation.

Cicely Hayward, speaking on behalf of the police, added that door staff from Titans Security, who worked at the club then, claimed that cast members from reality TV show The Valleys arrived “steaming drunk” for an appearance and proceeded to flash their bottoms and genitals at customers while being encouraged by Mr Pratt.

Alan Aylott, a solicitor speaking on behalf of Mr Pratt, denied many of the allegations and showed CCTV footage showing the cast arriving which he claimed proved they were not drunk on arrival.

Mr Aylott added that the club had been let down by Titans Security, which it no longer employed, and the accusations had come from “disgruntled” former employees. He said Easterns would be ordering a £3,000 ID scanning system and hiring additional door staff.

For the full story, see Thursday’s Free Press.