Stickers help rural crime

STICKERS are being handed out to farmers across Suffolk as part of a campaign to clamp down on rural crime.

The fluorescent stickers will allow police officers to stop and check farm machinery and vehicles that are seen on the roads between 7pm and 7am.

The initiative was launched in connection with a “Farmers Fighting Crime” campaign at last week’s Hadleigh Show.

Insp Paul Crick, of Sudbury Police, said: “It is vital that we all work together in order to reduce crime committed against farms and within rural locations.

“I hope that by visiting all of the farmers and gamekeepers in Babergh we will have improved the intelligence network. As a result, I hope we receive more calls regarding suspicious behaviour and vehicles that are ‘out of place’.”

The Farmers Fighting Crime campaign has been running for the last three months and so far more than 400 questionnaires have been returned to police with suggestions on how to reduce rural crime.