Stats please police boss

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CRIMES committed across the county are at the lowest for 10 years, says a report published by Suffolk Police.

According to figures released on Wednesday, there were 46,357 crimes reported between April 2010 and March this year – a decrease of 0.2 per cent and more than 4,000 fewer crimes than a decade ago.

It is the fifth year in a row that crimes have dropped, but comes at a time when robberies have increased by almost a quarter from 249 last year to 304 this year.

Drug-related crimes fell by 17 per cent and sexual offences by four per cent, but house burglaries and vehicle crime rose, with senior officers claiming this could be a result of the recession.

Deputy Chief Constable Jacqui Cheer said: “We have seen an increase in what we would call personal robberies – largely people on their own late at night, perhaps walking home, and it is personal items like iPods and phones that are being stolen.

“We don’t know whether the recession is to blame but we do tend to see patterns in crime.

“We had a decrease in burglaries for many years, but in the last year it has gone up, so it may well be linked to the economic climate.”

However, Mrs Cheer said the force was pleased with the overall reduction in crime.

“This success is down to the officers and the staff working on the front line, and the people who support them,” she added.