Rise in jewellery thefts

POLICE are urging householders to ensure expensive jewellery is kept safe after a series of burglaries across the district.

The warning comes after almost £45,000 of jewellery was stolen from homes since the end of April.

Verity Line, Babergh crime reduction officer, said: “Items should be kept in a secure location, ideally a very good quality safe.

“People should not keep items in the top drawer of a chest of drawers or in the back of the wardrobe, as this is generally the first place offenders will look.”

Mrs Lines said that property marking, such as using SmartWater – a formula which is unique and helps trace items back to their owner – was a good way of deterring thieves and recovering stolen items if the worse should happen.

“If you don’t want to use SmartWater on valuable jewellery, take detailed photographs,” she added.

“Then we can circulate the pictures to auction rooms, jewellers and dealers if items are taken.”

For more information, contact a crime reduction officer on 01473 613500.