Police sting targets shops

THREE shops in the Sudbury area have been issued with warnings after being caught selling alcohol to under-age customers.

The stores, which are all either in the town or within close proximity, were part of five targeted during a joint operation between Suffolk Police and Suffolk County Council Trading Standards on Thursday.

One of the five was also found to be selling tobacco to people under the age of 18.

During the operation, under-age individuals were sent into stores and asked to report back their findings after attempting to buy alcohol or tobacco.

Sgt Kevin Horton, of Sudbury Police, described the results as “disappointing”.

“Three stores have had tickets issued and another case will be followed up by trading standards,” he said.

“The message should be getting through not to sell to those under-age and to ask for identification if in doubt.

“It does not help with anti-social behaviour.”

Sgt Horton said that officers would be looking to work with off-licences to help them improve and more checks would be carried out in the new year.

“We do a lot of work with pubs and clubs, but maybe we need to do more with other stores and that will be something we will push in the new year,” he said.