Police start process to strip club of its licence

A Sudbury nightclub could be stripped of its licence over serious concerns from police and council members about the way it is run.

Easterns Station Lounge, in Great Eastern Road, will be subject to a review hearing by Babergh District Council’s licensing sub-committee on December 17.

A council spokeswoman said it had received an application, made by Inspector Paul Crick of Sudbury Police, to review the premises licence – held for alcohol and entertainment – for the venue on November 21.

Inspector Crick said: “We are seeking to have the licence revoked.

“There are a number of issues and it is a major step, trying to take the licence from a nightclub a week before Christmas.

“It is around the rules and regulations not being adhered to, to the point where the licensing comes into question. It is around the protection of children from harm objective,” he added.

Inspector Crick had asked the licensing sub-committee for a faster review process due to the severity of his concerns.

“In this instance, and having expressed serious concern at the issues raised, the sub-committee decided to not take any interim steps and allow for the full and fair examination of all parties’ submissions and evidence at the forthcoming hearing,” said the spokeswoman.

“Considerations include altering conditions, removing activities, removing the premises supervisor and suspension or revocation of the licence.”

Darren Pratt, owner of Easterns Station Lounge, was not available for comment.