Police investigation into parish clerk’s actions continues

An investigation into alleged financial misdealings by a former Glemsford Parish Council clerk is continuing, according to councillors.

Sara Turner was sacked in June 2011 as police began an investigation into alleged financial problems at the council.

Speaking at a meeting of Glemsford Parish Council on Tuesday, councillor Ann Mallalieu said: “I have recently had an email from police that the investigation is certainly ongoing.

“As it is subject to police restrictions, that is really all I can say.”

In September, the parish council was told by police that information regarding the investigation would not be released under the Freedom of Information Act as it was exempt.

Councillor Stephen Plumb added: “We have paid for a forensic investigation and if the police aren’t going to continue their investigation, then we need to proceed with a private prosecution if we can.

“The more time this drags on the more difficult that becomes,” he added.

Parish council chairman Michael Brown told councillors and residents in September that police had quoted timescales of “up to three or four years” for cases involving similar investigations.