Police drop rape claim

A 27-YEAR-old Sudbury man, arrested on suspicion of rape following an incident in one of the town’s supermarket car parks, will not be prosecuted.

The man was arrested following reports that a 25-year-old woman was raped in Roy’s car park on Saturday, October 16.

It was alleged that the woman had been out in Sudbury town centre earlier on Friday night and had spoken to two men in a pub. Later on, at around 3am, she was walking along Cornard Road when one of the men offered her a lift in a silver Peugeot.

She got in, and was driven into a nearby car park where she claimed she was raped. The woman was then able to get out of the car and run off.

The man’s bail was cancelled this week following advice from the Crown Prosecution Service, which indicated that there was insufficient evidence to proceed with a prosecution.