Police aware of travellers

TRAVELLERS have set up camp in the car park of B&Q in Sudbury.

The five caravans arrived at the Woodhall Business Park at around 2.45pm on Tuesday afternoon.

Inspector Paul Crick, of Sudbury Police, said: “We think this is the group who were at Great Waldingfield, and Newton Green during the summer.

He added that while any eviction procedures would be a civil matter led by the landowner, the police were in contact with the site.

“We are visiting three times a day every day, so the travellers have some confidence in local policing and the public do too,” he said. “It is very much a case of reassurance that we know what’s going on, we are about and we have contact with the site.

“There is nothing to suggest that this is anything to do with Dale Farm. It appears this is a very small travelling family that was around here earlier in the year.”

Inspector Crick added that there would be an increased police presence around the business park.

Julie Smith, senior manager at B&Q, said: “The manager has been up to see them and the feedback we got was that they were only going to be there for 48 hours.

“My main concern is for the safety of the building and the staff. They seem quite polite and say once they have got their issues sorted they will be off.”