Man cleared of assault on great uncle

A SUDBURY man has been acquitted of head-butting a relative during a heated row.

Matthew Aitken, of Hillside Road, was accused of assaulting his great uncle, Adrian Butters, after an argument spiralled out of control.

Bury St Edmunds Magistrates’ Court heard on Monday how the pair were involved in a struggle at a property in Jubliee Road – where they were both living – on June 5.

Mr Butters told the court that he had been living with his sister, Eileen Pilgrim, for around two years.

“On the day, I was woken by a disturbance from the top of the stairs and heard Matthew verbally abusing his grandmother,” said the 55-year-old.

“He was very agitated and I asked him to stop shouting. He then grabbed me and pulled me towards the top of the stairs.”

Mr Butters said he believed he was going to be thrown down the stairs, but managed to free himself.

“He then drew his head back, lunged forward and struck me in the face,” he told the court.

“He hit me on the nose and there was a great deal of blood. I was in pain and shock – I had never experienced a violent attack before in my life.”

Mr Aitken, who denied a charge of assault by beating, claimed it was his great uncle who was the aggressor.

“I never head-butted him,” he said.

“I was talking to Eileen when Adrian appeared. He grabbed me around the neck and sent my head against the wall.”

After deliberating for around half-an-hour, the magistrates found Mr Aitken was found not guilty.

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