Group set to halt speeders

SPEEDING motorists in Hadleigh had better beware after a community speed watch group was launched in the town.

The scheme sees volunteers dedicate their time to work with members of their Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) to reduce speeding where they live.

Volunteers are trained to use speed detection equipment to monitor the speed of passing vehicles and record the number plates of those that are speeding.

Pc Matt Paisley from Babergh East SNT said: “Speeding is a concern in most towns and although we conduct regular checks in the area, this initiative empowers communities to work together with the police to make their towns and villages safer.”

Trevor Sheldrick, a Hadleigh councillor, who co-ordinates the town’s scheme, said: “Hadleigh Town Council takes the safety of our community very seriously and is pleased to be able to fund this initiative and forge another link with our local police.”

Hadleigh Community Speed Watch was launched last week and the group is asking for more people to join.

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Babergh East SNT by calling 101.