Euro prize letter scam sparks concern

A Great Cornard man has warned residents after he received a hoax letter claiming he had won just under 1million Euros.

Christopher Berg, 75, was sent a letter claiming to be from Once International Lotto Commission, which said his wife had won a Spanish sweepstake lottery and could claim 960,000 Euros after returning a form with her details.

Mr Berg said: “It came in the post with a Spanish stamp, postmarked from Malaga although the company has a Madrid address.

“We roared with laughter, but it just takes one or two people to fall for it and they have made a profit.”

Mr Berg, a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator who has lived in Broom Street for more than 40 years, said he thought the scammers would ask for bank details if other details were provided.

A police spokeswoman said: “Residents should stop and think before responding to such calls, emails or letters.

“It is common for the sender to claim you have won a prize, but then ask you to send cash in order to claim it.

“No genuine lottery or competition operates in this manner. Do not respond and never send money.”